Raccoon Gets Caught in a Steel-Jaw Trap

Because of the severity of its wounds, the animal had to be put to sleep

Only recently, a raccoon living in Portsmouth, Virginia, got caught in a steel-jaw trap. While struggling to free itself, the animal only managed to deepen its injuries even further.

Moreover, PETA says that the animal even tried to chew off its own leg in order to escape.

After some local stumbled upon the raccoon, and called in both animal control officers and PETA, the animal was finally freed from the trap. However, because of the massive injuries it had sustained, it had to be put to sleep.

Although most people rely on steel-jaw traps in order to keep wild animals at bay, PETA wishes to emphasize the fact that, “Steel-jaw traps are some of the cruelest and most ineffective methods of wildlife control in existence.”

Therefore, the organization encourages people to try and find more humane ways of staying clear of animals they do not want to come anywhere near their homes.

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