Rabid Llama Endangers Four People, Makes Them Seek Medical Attention

The animal spat on them and even tried to bite them, tests confirmed it had rabies

Most greenheads are quite fond of animals, and many of them keep pets. However, one must always bear is mind the fact that, although fun and loving most of the times, pets can sometimes cause serious problems.

More so if they are of a more “exotic” variety and happen to fall ill.

Four people living in Morganton, Georgia recently learned this the hard way, after a pet llama fell ill with rabies and started displaying signs of aggression directed at both its owners, and at whomever happened to stand in its proximity.

As well as this, the animal seemed unable to keep its balance and kept biting itself, sources report.

On December 28, a veterinarian was called in, and it was agreed upon that the only thing left to do was to humanely put the animal to sleep.

At that point, nobody knew for sure why the llama was behaving in that peculiar manner, yet blood and tissue samples were collected and sent to a local laboratory.

Later on, specialists confirmed that this animal had in fact contracted rabies, and that this medical condition was what caused all of the symptoms it displayed prior to its death.

The four people who came in contact with the sick animal while trying to treat it and/or keep it under control have been asked to report to a local hospital and allow doctors to have a look at their overall health condition.

Apparently, one of these people managed to get away with no medical treatment on account of his not having spent too much time close to the sick animal.

No information concerning what treatment the other three people are to be administered has yet been made available to the public.

For those unaware, untreated rabies more often than not kills people, so it really is no wonder that considerable efforts are being made to ensure that these individuals are safe and sound.

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