RSPCA Now Accused of Having Traumatized a Dog

The German shepherd had all of its fur shaved off, now shows signs of depression

One woman from Bournemouth, Dorset recently decided that the time has come for her German Shepherd to visit the local grooming salon.

Thus, Snieguole Ghuman simply drove Simba to the canine beauty parlor, and entrusted him to the people working at this salon.

When she returned to pick him up, she was quite surprised to find that her dog had had all of its fur shaved off.

Apparently, the RSPCA told the staff at this grooming salon to simply shave the dog, as his fur was seriously matted.

Snieguole Ghuman now claims that Simba was highly traumatized by this experience, and that he is even showing signs of depression.

The German shepherd's owner also says that she can only walk him during night time, when there aren't many people around to laugh at him.

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