RSA Opens Anti-Fraud Command Center in Collaboration with Purdue University

Highly qualified Purdue students will staff the new center

RSA, the security division of EMC, has launched a new Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) in collaboration with Purdue University. The new center is meant to strengthen the organization's global operations against cybercrime.

The AFCC is a 24x7 services operation run by fraud analysts who are trained by experts to detect, track, block and shut down attacks initiated by fraudsters, including phishing, pharming, and mobile-based attacks.

So far, the RSA's FraudAction service has shut down over 750,000 online attacks, and the number is expected to grow considerably now that the Purdue-based AFCC has been established.

The new center, staffed by highly-qualified Purdue students who will be trained and supervised by RSA members, will support FraudAction on a global scale.

This way, the RSA hopes to be able to offer even more comprehensive protection against phishing and other cybercriminal operations to its customers.

“As online fraud becomes more sophisticated and prevalent, the demand for our RSA FraudAction services continues to grow,” Alon Shmilovitz, head of the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center, said.

“By opening a new RSA AFCC facility at Purdue, we are not only expanding our base of security analysts and experts that are equipped to fight cybercriminals, but by working with the students we are helping to foster the next generation of security professionals emerging from the University.”

“As one of our Foundational IT Partners, EMC is doing more than providing equipment for our enterprise,” explained Purdue's Dr. Gerry McCartney.

“EMC's presence on campus benefits both faculty and students, and gives students the real-world experience they need to be successful in their careers. EMC is a leader in its educational vision and in working with Purdue to help students prepare for the jobs they'll have after they graduate.”

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