ROSA Desktop.Fresh GNOME 2012 Distro Is Now Out

The latest version of ROSA Desktop.Fresh GNOME 2012 can be downloaded from Softpedia

ROSA Desktop, a Linux distribution based on GNOME desktop environment, which includes sufficient software to fulfill most of the typical tasks of a user, is now at version 2012.

The ROSA Desktop distribution has made a name for itself, and the developers have already launched a KDE-based version a while ago.

The distributions developed under the ROSA name also have a new designation, Desktop.Fresh 2012 which, according to the developers, underlines the fact that the system contains “fresh” versions of user software and system components (compared to enterprise editions of ROSA). The system is compatible with a wide range of modern hardware.

“A nice-looking ROSA theme and a set of brand-name applications highly integrated with KDE (TimeFrame, StackFolder, RocketBar, KLook, KDM) have already become recognizable ROSA features and made ROSA familiar to Linux users,” the announcement states.

Highlights of ROSA Desktop.Fresh GNOME 2012:

• System components are the same as in ROSA Desktop.Fresh KDE 2012;

• Gnome desktop environment 3.6 has been implemented in this version;

• ROSA Media Player is used as the default video player;

• Audacious is used as the default audio player;

• Chromium Browser is the default Internet browser;

• Evolution is used as the default email client.

Other software included in this version includes Empathy (instant messenger), Nautilus (file manager), Gedit (text editor), GNOME Terminal, Evince (PDF/DJVU viewer), and Brasero (CD/DVD burning tool).

“A question is currently being discussed of giving an official status to these variations. It is possible that developers will get more resources to test their products and users will be provided with technical support from ROSA,” said Vladimir Rubanov, vice president of Engineering and deputy CEO of ROSA.

A complete list of changes and new features for this release is available in the official announcement.

Download ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 GNOME right now from Softpedia.

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