ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 KDE Distribution Is Available for Download

A lot of improvements were implemented in the final version of Rosa

ROSA Desktop, a Linux distribution based on KDE SC desktop environment, which includes sufficient software to fulfill most of the typical tasks of a user, is now at version 2012.

The ROSA Desktop distribution has advanced really fast and went through the usual development phases at a brisk pace. A final version has already been made available and from the looks of it, Rosa seems to have become one of the major Linux desktop players.

This new distribution also received a new name, changing it slightly to ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012. According to the developers, the name underlines the fact that the system contains "fresh" versions of user software and system components (compared to enterprise editions of ROSA). The system is compatible with a wide range of modern hardware.

“While working on ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012, the ROSA team (which includes engineers from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Romania, USA, Brazil and other countries) have done great work. More than 1 million of source code lines were added or modified,” stated the official announcement.

The distribution now boots twice as fast as before and the feat was achieved due to the improvements made in ROSA ABF (software build and development infrastructure).

In addition, almost all user-level software was updated to the fresh versions. Nearly 16,000 packages were updated in our repositories.

Highlights of ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012:

• TimeFrame, as well as SimpleWelcome, was completely rewritten from scratch;

• Plasma was abandoned in SimpleWelcome, decreasing the memory usage;

• The main new feature of TimeFrame is support for social network services. Now it is possible to use Facebook and VKontakte without a browser;

• SimpleWelcome can now group icons and user can preview the applications included in the group;

• The KLook tool was extended with possibility to work with remote file systems using SMB.

A complete list of changes and new features is available in the official announcement.

Download ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 right now from Softpedia.

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