RIM Promises Free PlayBooks to Android Developers

All those submitting apps until February 13th receive it

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is trying to lure more developers into coming up with applications for its Blackberry PlayBook, and is offering free devices to those who do deliver software for it.

To be more precise, the company is informing Android developers that there are free PlayBook devices available for them, if they launch applications compatible with its tablet PC.

It should not be too hard for Android developers to come up with applications that would fit the tablet PC, the handset vendor explains.

“As an Android developer, you have a couple of tools you can use to help you convert your apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. You can use these tools to verify that your app is compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS, repackage your app, and sign your app,” RIM notes on its website.

Those who will launch one such app in the BlackBerry App World by February 13th will get a free device, Alec Saunders, VP developer relations, notes on its Twitter account.

The company also explains that all developers who will submit applications to the App World between now and February 13th will be provided with the free tablet PC.

“There has been a lot of excitement today about the BlackBerry PlayBook developer promotion for Android developers, as tweeted by Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations,” RIM continues.

“Further details about the promotion will be posted on our developer site as soon as possible, but the plan is to provide one free 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook to every registered BlackBerry App World vendor who converts their Android app for use on the BlackBerry PlayBook and submits it to BlackBerry App World between February 2, 2012 and February 13, 2012.”

Some more info on what the porting of Android applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook is all about can be found in the video embedded at the bottom of this article. Further details are available over at RIM.

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