RAM Prices Stop Falling for a Change

Not that they had much more room to fall at this point

Despite slight rebounds, prices of random access memory products have been falling for over two years now. All analysts and market watchers agree.

Still, DRAMeXchange thinks November and December, at least, will offer manufacturers and suppliers a respite.

Early November prices for 2 GB and 4 GB DDR3 modules averaged at US$9 and US$15.75, respectively, and just about as many Euro in Europe.

After a fall of 29% since July, signs are finally showing that the prices aren't going to fall any lower in the near future.

It is about the same as last year, when the higher sales of the winter holidays only managed to stave off further price decline.

Not exactly the best possible news after four months of decreases, but we imagine companies will take what they can get.

Naturally, consumers only have a reason to rejoice at all this.

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