R. Kelly Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston at Funeral

“I Look to You” was also one of Whitney's last singles

R. Kelly paid his respects to good friend Whitney Houston at her funeral (at the public wake, to be more precise) by singing one of the last songs she put out. Video of it is above.

Just like Alicia Keys, who also sang during the very heartbreaking ceremony, R. Kelly was so overwhelmed with emotions that it almost threatened his performance.

At least once, he had to cut short before he could collect himself and continue to sing.

Considering the track he chose, it's no wonder he had such an emotional time with it.

R. Kelly performed “I Look to You,” which was also the leading single off Whitney's last album, also called “I Look to You.”

It came out in 2009 and was supposed to be Whitney's big comeback.

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