R. Kelly Compares Chris Brown to Martin Luther King, Jesus

“Weak people are the ones that are the haters,” R&B crooner says in new interview

Since the 2009 beating of Rihanna, Chris Brown has been getting excessive media attention for his highly flammable temper, his violent outbursts and foul language. His fans, though, have stood by him all along, and it turns out that R. Kelly is also one of them, because he’s just spoken up in his defense.

However, when R. Kelly does something, count on it being truly out of the ordinary. He doesn’t just say that Chris is vilified or targeted even when he doesn’t do anything wrong, he flat-out compares him to Martin Luther King and Jesus.

As if he could make matters worse, he also speaks of himself in the third person, prompting online jokes about how he’s been having whatever Kanye West has also been having, which has already boosted his already overinflated ego.

“I only feel sorry for weak people,” R. Kelly tells the G2 supplement of The Guardian. Consequently, he’d never feel sorry for himself or Chris.

“And mostly what I've come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters. The ones that's talking about Chris Brown, or R. Kelly, or anybody that's successful? I feel sorry for them, not Chris Brown, because he's obviously one strong individual to be able to do what he's done,” the star says.

Obviously, had he stopped here, he would have been able to make a very strong case in his favor – and also in Chris’. Both have had their share of mishaps and huge media scandals and, despite calls for boycott, they always landed on their feet and continued making and selling music as before.

However, for some reason, R. Kelly thought a comparison would best serve his case.

“[Brown] got knocked down a little bit and he climbed up. You know, that sounds like Ali to me. That sounds like Martin Luther King to me. That sounds like a lot of the greats that have walked this earth. It even sounds a little bit like Jesus to me,” he says.

From the uproar these comments caused online, we’d say that he’s alone in seeing this parallel between Chris and MLK or Jesus.

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