R.I.P. Linux 9.1 Comes with Opera 10 and GRUB 2

Recovery Is Possible

Kent Robotti announced yesterday (June 11th) yet another stable release of his popular R.I.P. (Recovery Is Possible) Linux distribution. R.I.P. 9.1 comes with the newly released Opera 10 Beta (the installation is available as an option in the X11 setup menu), an updated SVN version of GRUB 2 1.96 and the latest beta of the upcoming Firefox 3.5 web browser.

The following applications have also been updated in R.I.P. 9.1.: Partclone 0.1.1-svn revision 294M, aria2c 1.4.1, LYNX 2.8.7pre.5b, Syslinux 3.82 and ClamAV 0.95.2.

R.I.P. 9.1 offers support for the following filesystems: Reiserfs, Reiser4, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, iso9660, Udf, Xfs, Jfs, Ufs, Hpfs, Hfs, Minix, Ms Dos, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16. The reiserfsck and fsck.reiser4 packages can be used to repair and check a Linux Reiser4 and Reiserfs filesystem. The xfs_repair package can be used to repair and check a Linux XFS file system. The jfs_fsck package is used to repair and check a JFS jfs file system. The e2fsck package can be used to repair and check the EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems.

Among the included applications in R.I.P. we can notice: cdrecord/dvdrecord, mkisofs, dvd rw-format, growisofs, ntfsresize, mkntfs, lynx, mutt, fetchmail, popselect, pop3spam, ncftp, epic irc, tin, telnet, wget, naim, zgv, testdisk, smbclient, smbmount, ssh/sshd, rsync, udp-sender/receiver, lde, blesstivo, rtvpatch, chntpw, cmospwd, grubconfig, smartctl, memtest86, captive-ntfs, ddrescue, dd_rescue, acpitool, dmidecode, hwinfo, lshw, ethtool.

R.I.P. also contains a bunch of utilities for system recovery tasks and support for IDE/SCSI/SATA, PCMCIA, RAID, LVM2, and Ethernet/DSL/cable/PPP/PPPOE networks. To boot and use the R.I.P. Live CD, you will need at least 256 MB of RAM and a 586 processor. It also includes a 32-bit and a 64-bit kernel.

Download Recovery Is Possible Linux distribution 9.1 right now from Softpedia.

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