Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Open a Bear Bottle with No Bottle Opener

Learn to open a beer using another bottle, a car key or a drawer

YouTube's Friendly HouseholdHacker brings us yet another edition of the Quick and Simple Life Hacks, which I also told you about in September.

You might remember his tips and tricks, as his videos are quite on the light side – short, entertaining and to the point.

The November 11 episode is dedicated to the almighty beer, particularly to opening beer bottles when you don't have a bottle opener around.

Some of these beer opening solutions are familiar, such as whacking it on a counter top or using a lighter to pop the bottle open.

However, it's nice to know that, in case those things aren't available, one can also use another bottle, a car key or a drawer with sturdy handles.

One of the beer hacks was quite surprising – apparently, you can use a dollar bill to open a beer. Of course, you could use it to buy a beer opener.

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