Quick Look – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Nvidia 3D Vision

It's hard to go back to non-3D Skyrim after such an experience

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released for almost a month now and, even we spent quite a long time talking about it in our gamer diary series as well as other special articles about it, we just remembered that the game even has support for Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology.

As such, after trying out Batman: Arkham City last week, we decided to spend some quality time in Skyrim with all these 3D effects to see just how much more immersive can the game’s virtual world be.

Read on to find out some impressions as well as some tips and tricks about playing the new Elder Scrolls RPG in full 3D.

First up, let me admit that, while I didn’t spend as many hours as my colleagues with Skyrim, largely because I needed to test out other games, I was still aching to get back into the massive game. As such, when the opportunity to try out the 3D mode appeared, I jumped at it and didn’t regret my choice for one single moment.

Secondly, if you want to try Skyrim out with 3D Vision, Nvidia recommends two important settings to do in order to ensure the best experience. First up, you need to start the game’s launcher, go to Options, click the Advanced button, and turn off all the Water Reflections.

You also need, after you actually start the game, to go into the display option and turn off the crosshair, as it becomes extremely tiring to try and focus on the environment, which is in the background, only for your eyes to focus on the crosshair, which is in the foreground.

After you modify these two options, you can fully experience Skyrim in 3D using Nvidia’s technology, and, after playing for quite a few hours in the last two days, it’s certainly going to make going back to non-3D Skyrim a hard thing. Sure, you were immersed into the world created by Bethesda before, but playing in first person mode while wielding all your cool magic powers takes it to a whole new level.

While I did these things many times before, reaching a bandit settlement, throwing some fireballs while you close the distance between you and them, and then going full force with a two-handed greatsword to butcher your enemies, is all the more satisfying in 3D.

For that extra amazement factor, you can also apply some of the high quality mods we highlighted a few weeks ago, as well as follow some of the guides made by Nvidia to get the most out of Skyrim. After following those tips, while still staying to version 1.1 at least for the time being, you’re probably going to have the best Skyrim experience imaginable.

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