Quick Look: FireFall – with Gameplay Video

The sci-fi MMO shooter is expected to be released soon

FireFall is a futuristic MMO shooter that takes place on Earth, literally. Developers claim that the game will have the largest world ever created into a co-op MMO shooter. In fact, the map of the world is a 1/10th replica of Earth.

Created by Red 5 Studios, the team of devs comprises people who have worked for vanilla World of Warcraft, as well as the lead-designer of Tribes 1 and 2.

The story begins in Brazil, at the site of the starship Arclight’s crash. Even though ‘only’ 120,000 people were killed, the real damage was made by the huge energy storm, known as Melding, following the spaceship’s crash.

The Melding slowly expands across the globe and spawns an unknown race called the Chosen. The main objective of the game is to group with other players and fight both the Chosen invasion and the Melding.

Thanks to special nano-technology suits of armor, which are called Battleframes, the human race now has a chance to successfully fight the alien race.

These Battleframes can be customized to suit every player’s needs, and as the game progresses, you’ll have access to more powerful upgrades. The armor will allow players to jump jet across battlefields, but be careful as it can be used in small bursts.

It is also worth mentioning that players will be able to use two types of weapons at all times, a primary weapon that has limited ammunition, and a secondary weapon with unlimited ammunition.

There are five classes that players can choose from, such as Assault, Recon, Engineer, Biotech and Dreadnaught, though you won’t be leveling up in Firefall.

Instead, Red 5 Studios proposes progression in tiers, with each tier filling up with a tech tree of Battleframe customization choices and perks that are unlocked via allocating XP. Players will be able to own multiple Battleframe specially customized for various missions.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of what’s to come once FireFall gets released and stay tuned for more gameplay videos.

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