QuiBids Spam: “Apple iPad 2s for $24.96? Learn How Now!”

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is

Who in their right mind would turn down an offer to buy an iPad 2 for less than $25 (20 EUR), or a Samsung LED TV for around the same amount? Well, these offers should certainly be turned down if they come via unsolicited emails that point to shady websites.

Millersmiles.co.uk informs that there’s a new QuiBids spam campaign doing the rounds, promising the abovementioned prizes to recipients.

“Please click ‘Not Spam’ above if delivered to spam folder. APPLE IPAD 2S 32GB FOR $33.74? | 42IN SAMSUNG LED TV FOR $23.80? Click Here,” reads the phony offer entitled LEAKED: Apple iPad 2s for $24.96? Learn How Now!.

QuiBids is a somewhat legitimate bidding website. Unlike eBay, the bids start at very low prices, but the items end up costing way more than you’d imagine (more info here).

However, QuiBids’ legitimacy is not the point of this article because even though these emails appear to be originating from QuiBids, they’re not.

They actually come from a shady sender that attempts to lure recipients to a malicious website.

Those who make the mistake of clicking on the link are taken to a website where anything is possible. Unfortunately (or fortunately for users), the site – aqkp231ogeneral.com – has been taken offline and we couldn’t determine precisely what it served.

However, based on past experiences, it was most likely one of the websites that tried to trick internauts into handing over all sorts of sensitive information and signing up to various paid services.

We advise users to be extra cautious when presented with such offers. Always read the fine print when signing up on websites and always check the destination of a link embedded in an unsolicited email.

Also, remember to keep your antivirus and the rest of the operating system’s critical components permanently up to date.

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