Quelitu 14.04 Devs Think Their OS Can Replace Windows XP or Windows Vista

The new Quelitu release comes with numerous changes and improvements

Quelitu, a multilingual operating system based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Lubuntu LTS, which aims to power antique computers and to replace all the recent Windows releases, is now at version 14.04.

The Quelitu developers have made some drastic changes since their last major release, back in 2012. It seems that they are only working with Ubuntu LTS releases, which means that new Quelitu versions only surface once every two years.

We rarely see Linux distros going after Windows operating systems, although there are a few other developers who do the same thing with their OSes. In the case of Quelitu, the focus has moved from a system that can power old computers to a system that can replace Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8.

“Quelitu also supports iPod, iTunes, iPad, and iPhone with Banshee (music purchase, automatic synchronization, etc.), etc. With Quelitu, you can edit your Word, Excel, etc. files directly on a Linux partition and work with them later in Windows if you want. Note that the default formatting of CDs and USB drives is compatible with both Windows and Linux.”

“Hundreds of additional applications can easily be downloaded from the free repositories, including educational and fun games for children 2-14 (e.g. qimo-games) and commercial types of games. Quelitu can be installed alongside Windows so you can choose one or the other at boot time,” reads the official website.

The developers have explained that users have access to three different interfaces, which are Quelitu Lxde for new users, Quelitu Jazz for E17 desktop environment fans, and Quelitu Kids (which is self-explanatory).

Being based on Lubuntu means that the system is actually pretty light and that most users will be able to run it, no matter the hardware requirements. It features Whiskermenu, which is a Windows-like start menu, keyboard shortcuts, backup options, several rescue applications, and much more.

Users will also be able to install a number of important applications such as Gimp, LibreOffice Suite, Thunderbird, Skype, Totem, Rythmbox, Banshee, and so on, but that is to be expected, since it uses the Ubuntu repositories.

If you want to test Quelitu, you don't actually have to install the operating system. The devs also offer the Quelitu Upgrade Package, which can be installed on a number of systems, including Ubuntu, Xbuntu, WattOS, Mint Lxde, Lubuntu, Linux Lite, and basically all systems based on Ubuntu.

A complete changelog can be found in the announcement. You can download Quelitu 14.04 right now from the official website.

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