AMD Snags Former Qualcomm and Apple Processor Experts Reuters

The Sunnyvale company hired two new specialists for its PC business

Though we've heard of Advanced Micro Devices firing people more often than hiring them, the number of newcomers to the company's fold has definitely been on the rise as well, as recent events prove.

By recent events we mean to say that two very high-profile men have joined AMD's ranks: Wayne Mertsky and Charles Matar.

AMD has confirmed as much when exchanging words with Reuters.

For those unfamiliar with the names, Wayne Mertsky used to be part of Apple's A-Series chip division, and Charles Matar was an expert in embedded processors working for Qualcomm at one point.

Meretsky will be placed in the lead of AMD's software development, while Matar will become vice president of System-on-Chip Development. He will have to handle the merger of a CPU, radios, memory and other components in a single package.

Since both men worked for AMD at one point in the past, this is more of a return really.

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