Qbo Robot Taken Apart, Goes Open Source

TheCorpora shows how others may create a Qbo of their own

TheCorpora had fun creating the Qbo robots that flirt with each other (and sometimes themselves) and now it is going a step further.

The company doesn't want to make an exclusive business out of them, although it will sell fully-constructed versions (pricing and availability still unknown).

More importantly, it has decided to release the technology for the open source community, part by part.

TheCorpora even posted a video of how to disassemble and then put the robot back together.

“Throughout the life of this project, we must have assembled and disassembled our robot thousands of times in our labs,” the company wrote on the Qbo blog.

“Qbo is not a toy, is a complex platform that requires some knowledge of robotics and that’s why we decided to shoot one of these occasions, in Time-Lapse format, so that you can see how one of our engineers starts to assemble, almost from scratch, every component of the robot.”

There are five hardware boards whose specs will soon be provided.

In the making of the bot, EMG-30 motors, SRF10 ultrasonic sensors, an LCD, a PC motherboard and a storage unit (or more) are involved.

Of course, 3D sensors are used as well, for terrain mapping and navigation, people/object identification and subsequent recognition.

“Soon enough, with patience and some knowledge of robotics, you too will be able to assemble, either on Q.bo’s Base or some other Base platform created by you, every single standard component that we have ever tested and selected for Q.bo throughout this time,” the company said on the Qbo blog.

You can have fun assembling the five Open Source Hardware boards designed by TheCorpora, assembling EMG-30 motors, SRF10 ultrasonic sensors, an LCD screen, a hard drive, a PC motherboard and many other components which will be listed very soon. And of course, if you are no handyman, you can still have your own fully assembled Qbo.”

Yes, TheCorpora came up with a fairly intelligent construct, one that can take various shapes besides the Qbo. Check out the video below for more.

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