Q2/Q3 2012 Verizon Roadmap Leaks, Includes Galaxy S3, DROID RAZR HD and New HTC Flagship Smartphone

The main star of the carrier will be HTC’s Galaxy Note competitor

Although Samsung Galaxy S3 has yet to be announced, many carriers have already confirmed they will offer the smartphone as soon as it becomes available on the market.

Verizon Wireless is one of the operators that will bring Samsung’s “next Galaxy” smartphone to its customers, though the carrier did not unveil any details yet.

However, BGR has learned from trusted sources that Verizon will indeed offer the Samsung Galaxy S3, possible sometime this summer.

There’s more to it as Verizon will have a pretty busy Q2/Q3 with lots of Android smartphones to be announced/launched by winter.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the US-based carrier will launch several DROIDs over the next months, including the leaked Motorola DROID RAZR HD, which recently appeared in China.

Between Samsung’s Galaxy S3 super-phone and Motorola’s range of DROID RAZR devices, HTC plans to squeeze in an unannounced and never heard of device that will probably rule them all.

According to BGR, HTC is set to release a Galaxy Note competitor, which will be released in the US through Verizon. For the time being there are no additional details, so we’re not sure whether this is exclusively available or HTC will launch the phone in other markets as well.

HTC’s new Android flagship smartphone will boast a huge 5-inch (sound familiar?) HD (1080p resolution) capacitive touchscreen display (non-Pentile), as well as a quad-core Krait processor, complemented by an Adreno 320 graphics processing unit.

Software-wise, the mysterious handset is said to run HTC Sense 5, but we’re not sure if it will come with Ice Cream Sandwich on board, or maybe something newer (Jelly Bean?). Last but not least, the high-end smartphone will be shipped along with a Scribe pen.

Obviously, there’s room for more devices in Verizon’s roadmap, but these seem to be only the main highlights. Stay tuned for more info on the subject.

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