Pwnie Express Unveils Pwn Pad, an Android-Based Penetration Testing Tablet

The tablet will become available in April at a price of $795 (600 EUR)

Cybersecurity solutions provider Pwnie Express has unveiled the Pwn Pad, an Android tablet based on Google Nexus 7 that’s designed to allow penetration testers to easily analyze both wireless and wired networks.

Pwnie Express representatives have told Wired that they’ve added the TP-Link wireless adapter to Pwn Pad in order to enable packet injection on Android. The adapter also enhances the range of the wireless packet injection.

The long list of toolkits installed on the tablet includes Aircrack-ng, Reaver, MDK3, btscanner, Nikto, Nmap, Tcpdump, Ettercap-ng and John the Ripper.

The company will start shipping Pwn Pad in the first week of April, but pre-orders can already be made. The price of the tablet is $795 (600 EUR).

Pwnie Express has also promised to release Pwn Pad’s source code to enable penetration testers to run it on other mobile devices as well.

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