PvP Progression Detailed for The Elder Scrolls Online

The MMO will include battles for up to 2,000 players

One of the biggest selling points for the upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online from ZeniMax and Bethesda is the Player versus Player modes that will include hundreds of players fighting for important areas of the game world at the same time.

The team is not yet ready to officially unveil them, but Matt Firor, the game director, tells The Guardian that, “you get Alliance Points the more you PVP, you get more abilities, and in that sense it's similar to Camelot where we had Realm Points.”

Dark Age of Camelot is still seen as a high point for PvP gameplay and ZeniMax Online wants to capture a little of that magic while also creating a more balanced system and giving players more freedom.

For example, all players, regardless of class and other choices, will be able to use any piece of equipment in order to make sure that the playing field is leveled.

Gamers will be free to decide what pieces of armor and what weapons are best suited for their style while ZeniMax Online makes sure that there’s enough variety to make everyone happy.

Choices and not classes will define the player experience, with Firor adding that, “we want to give everyone access to something like having pets – if they want to. Right now a perk lets you be a pet person, so if you want that ability you can go and get it.”

The central Cyrodiil zones designed for Player versus Player battles will accommodate up to 2,000 players simultaneously, with up to 200 of them present on a gamer’s screen at the same time.

At the moment, fans of the game universe can register for the beta stage of The Elder Scrolls Online and a full launch on the PC is expected to take place later during 2013.

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