Puppy Doe Is Brutally Tortured by Her Owners, Internet Users Seek Justice

The pup was in excruciating pain when it was found, vets had to put her to sleep

Some weeks ago, on August 31, members of Boston's Animal Rescue League announced that they had found a young female pit bull close to a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The dog, nicknamed Puppy Doe, was in very bad shape, and was experiencing excruciating pain. Vets decided that, all things considered, the only humane thing left to do was to put her to sleep.

The people who found her say that, first off, she was severely emaciated, and weighed half of what other pit bulls her age do. Besides, it appeared that someone had quite enjoyed torturing her.

Hence the fact that the pooch was covered in bruises and injuries.

“The orthopedic evidence suggests she suffered violent and forceful events of non accidental origin (fractures, dislocations, bone remodeling in response to trauma, suggestions of bone infections due to repeated trauma) at 24 distinct and associated sites over a period of months to years,” reads an autopsy report released only a few days ago, as cited by The Inquisitr.

Furthermore, “The blood clot in her thorax is an indication of recent blunt force trauma to her chest. The more recent soft tissue injuries, and elbow injury are days old, and other bony and soft tissue injuries are of varying ages. The split to the tongue is suggestive of a healed, non-accidental injury. The burns to the nose and stab wound to the eye are distinct injuries.”

By the looks of it, Puppy Doe first belonged to a woman named Laura Hankins and her boyfriend. The couple's landlord asked that they get rid of the puppy, and they put her on Craigslist.

A woman from Grafton appears to have become the dog's new owner, but nobody can say who she is and where she currently lives.

Puppy Doe's story touched thousands of hearts, and Internet users are now doing their best to find her owners and help bring them to justice.

Thus, HuffPost tells us that a group called Justice for Puppy Doe is now active on Facebook.

Together with authorities in Boston, the members of this group are asking that people who have any information about this dog's owners step forward and help bring her torturers to justice.

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