Psy Is Back for Wonderful Pistachios at the Super Bowl 2013 – Video

Crackin’ Gangnam Style: pop star lands lucrative new gig

Psy, the South Korean pop star who rose to international fame with the viral hit “Gangnam Style,” isn’t really ready to go anywhere yet. In fact, he landed a spot with Wonderful Pistachios at the Super Bowl XLVII.

Check it out above in full.

Obviously, it’s not the subtlest ad out there but, then again, when you have one of the biggest virals of all times in “Gangnam Style,” you’d probably be a fool not to want to capitalize on it, just as it is.

I imagine this is how Crackin’ Gangnam Style was born, a very close play on the song of the same name, which even features the dance in the original video – the only difference being that, now, the cute female dancers have been replaced by dancing pistachios.


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