Protester Crashes Romney Rally, Security Removes Him by Force – Video

“End Climate Silence” read the banner held by this man

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, climate change and global warming took center stage in the US, and most American citizens are quite concerned about how the country's high officials plan on combating the negative effects of these ongoing phenomena.

In fact, Businessweeks latest cover was pretty straightforward when stating that, “It's Global Warming, Stupid.”

While Barack Obama agreed to sit down for an interview with MTV and discuss these issues more or less thoroughly, Mitt Romney still refuses to make any comments on the matter at hand.

Because of this, one protester saw fit to crash one of this politician’s latest rallies.

His goal was to force Mitt Romney into publicly expressing his views on climate change, and hopefully also share some information concerning his plans to deal with this ongoing problem.

While Mitt Romney was busy discussing how hurricane Sandy impacted on the US East Coast, this protester unfurled a banner which read as follows: “End Climate Silence.”

Immediately after this, he asked the politician a rather bold question: “What about climate?” Tree Hugger reports.

“That's what caused this monster storm. Climate change!” he went on to add.

As was to be expected, security officers were quick in removing him. Because the man was quite determined to get some answers, they had to resort to force.

While the man was being escorted away from the crowd, Mitt Romney's supporters decided to “boo” him, a decision which many American citizens now regard as uncalled for.

Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney continued to keep his silence, and let the security officers and his supporters deal with this intruder as they saw fit.

In fact, it can be argued that Mitt Romney was quite amused by the events unfolding right in front of him.

The Romney rally this activist crashed took place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this past Thursday.

The video of this confrontation is made available to you down below.

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