Win Beats Pro Headphones, Reason and More with SoundClound and Propellerhead

All you have to do is create something with Figure

SoundCloud is once again teaming up with a leading music software maker, this time it's Propellerhead and the two are celebrating the addition of SoundCloud sharing to Figure, the iOS music app from Propellerhead, with a contest.

"We’re pleased to announce that Figure from Propellerhead now includes built-in sharing to SoundCloud. Figure is a fun music-making app with drums, bass and lead synth in an easy to use touch interface for iOS devices," SoundCloud explained.

"Since being released earlier this year, mobile musicians have been using the Figure app to create little masterpieces while on the go. Now it’s time to show the world what you can do with Figure," it said.

All you have to do is create something with the Figure app, upload it to SoundCloud and hope that it's good enough to impress people.

It's a simple competition, for each play for any of the songs you upload, you get one lottery ticket. The more tickets the bigger your chances to win. This means that you get a better chance if your songs are good, but it's still a question of luck.

As for the prizes, they're quite good, two people will get a pair of Beats Pro headphones and a Beatbox Portable speaker.

They also get the full set of Propellerhead music production software, Reason, ReCycle, and the Balance audio interface designed specifically for Propellerhead apps. Finally, one year of SoundCloud Pro is also included.

SoundCloud, though trying to branch out and become the "YouTube for audio" is still loved by musicians and still used by a lot of people to keep track of what their favorite bands or artists are putting out. If you're trying to break into the music industry, SoundCloud is a must.

SoundCloud makes its money precisely from pro users, who need to upload a lot of sounds or need the more advanced features. It make sense then to partner with production software makers. Last time around, SoundCloud teamed up with Ableton to offer a copy of Ableton Live 8 Lite to all users.

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