Projector Sales Are on the Rise, 35,600 Full HD Ones to Sell This Year

Yet again, tablets and other small gadgets are being credited

Video projectors are something that most schools have nowadays, since they are a good alternative to the much more expensive and impractical option of installing a TV or monitor in the wall.

Since the future of all other devices is being looked at, now that a new year has begun, projectors are being scrutinized too.

According to so-called “observers,” 35,600 Full HD projectors (1080p) will ship this year, and the number will steadily grow over the next four.

Thus, in 2016, 105,000 units will be bought by schools and businesses, give or take. Price wars may occur.

Tablets and smartphone are seen as contributors to this likely outcome because they, and other gadgets, have been getting better at streaming media to projectors (and PCs and TVs, etc.), wirelessly or otherwise.

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