Project Sonar: Improving Security via Active Analysis of Public Networks

Rapid7 asks the community for help in making the Web safe

IT security company Rapid7 has announced the start of Project Sonar, a community effort that’s meant to improve security through active analysis of public networks.

“Over the past year, the Rapid7 Labs team has conducted large scale analysis on the data coming out of the Critical.IO and Internet Census 2012 scanning projects,” Rapid7’s Mark Schloesser noted.

“This revealed a number of widespread security issues and painted a gloomy picture of an internet rife with insecurity. The problem is, this isn't news, and the situation continues to get worse. Rapid7 Labs believes the only way to make meaningful progress is through data sharing and collaboration across the security community as a whole.”

Researchers and other cyber security professionals that want to contribute are provided with the tools and datasets they need to get started.

Project Sonar involves three main things: scanning public Internet-facing systems, organizing the results, and sharing information with the IT security community.

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