Project Gotham Racing 4 Gold. Official Website Launched

The fourth installment in Bizzare's popular racing series is now undergoing the manufacturing process

Racing fans prepare for the ultimate racing video game announcement! A recent official report coming straight from Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations confirms that PGR 4 has just gone gold, meaning that the game is currently undergoing the manufacturing process. More than that, the game's official website is also up and going, according to the two, providing fans with nothing but the latest news, features and updates from the PGR universe and the team at Bizarre.

Before you go running off to see the website, why don't you check out a few details on the game, right here on our website. For instance, fans of the series and future players of the fourth installment in the PGR franchise should know that, for the first time in PGR history, drivers will have the option of racing a variety of motorcycles from top manufacturers, such as Ducati, BMW and Honda. Whether on two wheels or four, you'll be performing daring and stylistic moves to win over your fans

More than that, it has also been confirmed that through a new content server, drivers will be able to save their favorite races and search over XBL for race content that is specific to their interests. For example, you can find out who has the longest slide or wheelie in Shanghai or St. Petersburg. Right!

Now here's a small list containing the game's key features:

- A unique and exciting racing experience compatible with the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

- More than 120 iconic vehicles, including motorcycles, from the world's top manufacturers

- Race against the elements of Mother Nature: The dramatic new weather system of "PGR4" provides a new layer of thrill and excitement to the racing experience by exposing drivers to dynamic weather conditions on their quest to be the best driver in the world.

- It's all about the recognition: Win your way into the racing elite by showing off your superior driving abilities. An improved Kudos reward system has been designed specifically for motorcycles and cars to provide gamers with more incentives to show off their distinctive driving styles.

OK, now you can check out the game's website and remember that PGR 4 launches exclusively for the Xbox 360 system on the 12th of October, this year. The game's price has been set at $59.99.

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