Project Godus Will Benefit from Curiosity Tech

Molyneux promises freedom to shape the entire game world

Peter Molyneux, the man behind the new Project Godus, says that many of the mechanics of the game are linked to those seen in Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?, the first game that he created with his new studio 22Cans.

The mobile game allows players to tap a huge cube in order to sculpt it and eliminate layers until just one of them manages to reach the core and get a life changing experience.

Molyneux has told VG247 that, “Using that technology in something like Godus… it would be so cool to have lots of people connected together in the same world, but we’re going to go into details of that next week.”

In Godus, gamers will be able to use their mouse in order to rip the world apart, sculpt some of the game elements and re-create the landscape however they want.

He adds, “There’s some interesting things, as I assumed with Curiosity that people would only tap 100-200 times in maybe a day, then maybe come back to do a tiny bit of tapping. But I’ve been blown away at how beheld lots of people feel in just tapping, going on and to keep on tapping.”

The developer also says that 22Cans is also working on a second version of Curiosity, which is designed to upgrade the game mechanics and allow players to destroy the small cubes in new ways, some of which are also linked to Godus.

Peter Molyneux is the original designer behind Populous, an early ‘90’s video game that is considered to be the originator of the God game genre.

The Godus revival will update the core mechanics in order to appeal to modern gamers, but Molyneux also wants to revive the unique atmosphere of the original.

If it is successfully funded, 22Cans wants to see Godus launch late during next year.

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