Project Eternity Update Offers Info on Seven New Classes

Gamers will be able to choose from a variety of starting abilities

The development team at Obsidian is giving fans of the upcoming Project Eternity another update focused on the core game mechanics, including information on the seven so-called “non-core” classes that players can use.

Josh Sawyer, the project director at Obsidian, says that flexibility is at the core of the class design and that players will be able to shape their creations in almost any way they want.

The initial capabilities for seven new classes include:

- Wild Sprint for Barbarians, allowing them to move across the battlefield quickly while ignoring attacks and other dangers;

- Revive for Paladins, allowing them to bring and ally back to life with a big stamina boost;

- shared health pools for companion animals for the Ranger;

- Shapeshift for Druids, designed to grant them supernatural abilities and a boost in fighting strength;

- Phrases for Chanters, allowing them to create complex songs with new magical effects;

- increasing intensity for Ciphers, increasing focus in order to make their attacks more powerful;

- a Wounds resource for Monks, that can be used to power soul based abilities.

Sawyer says, “When it comes to the balance of active/modal and passive options, the classes generally reflect their D&D counterparts, with spellcasters having more active use abilities and weapon-based classes being oriented toward more passive or modal abilities.”

Players who would like to have a more classic role-playing experience can choose to play as the purer fighter, rogue, priest of wizard.

Project Eternity is designed to appeal to fans of the classic party-based role-playing games of the ‘90s and Obsidian wants to make sure that they have a lot of freedom when it comes to character creation and evolution.

The game is still in the early stages of development and has secured significant resources via Kickstarter.

Launch is expected during the spring of 2014.

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