Project Eternity Reveals Abilities and Bonuses for Core Classes

Each will have two active skills and one passive bonus

The Obsidian development team working on Project Eternity has given players a look at the active abilities and the passive bonuses for the core classes, the fighter, the priest, the rogue and the wizard.

In the current version of the game, each of them receives two active use abilities and one passive bonus, although that might change as the development process proceeds.

The Fighter gets a Defender mode, which increases his melee defense just as it limits his ability to hit enemies in order to make him more effective in the tanking and blocking mode.

A player choosing the class will also be able to Surge to regenerate stamina and will always benefit from increase accuracy in close quarters combat.

The Priest classes will benefit from first level spells, which can be used up to fixed limit that will evolve with player level.

They can also cast Recovery in order to regenerate stamina for the entire party of characters and they also create a Sacred Circle where accuracy is increased for all conscious allies.

Wizards also gets access to first level spells with the same hard coded limitations based on level.

All wizards also get access to familiars, creatures that offer defensive bonuses to allies and impede the abilities of the enemy characters.

In addition, the class also has access to a Blast power that can be used by a wand, a scepter or a rod.

The Rogue seems to have the most options initially, with an Escape skill that allows him to escape targeting for 3 seconds and Reversal, which allows him to survive an attack and launch a devastating blow of his own.

They also get a bonus when attacking from the flanks and staying hidden.

Josh Sawyer, the project leader on Eternity, adds, “As players advance their characters, they have the ability to choose class-specific abilities and more class-neutral talents (more like perks or feats) to customize their character capabilities.”

There’s much more detail offered on the official Obsidian forums.

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