Program Your Color LED Lights with iGloLEDset iPhone App

MEA Mobile has announced the release of iGloLEDset, the first real-time, iPhone based, controller for color lights. Users control a 16’ strip of LED lights by moving the iPhone around in the air, or by touching the screen to paint the lights different colors. Lights are programmable, while the iOS application is, of course, free.

iGloLEDset is touted by MEA Mobile as the perfect gadget gift for tech lovers.

The real fun is programing your own sequences, the company claims. Still, hundreds of presets are already available with the standard iGLO LED Set application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

According to the apps’ iTunes description, key features include:

- 16.4 foot strip

- 120 x FULL COLOR lights

- Hundreds of presets

- Programmable Sequences

- Savable sequences

- Segment up to 8 sections the strip

- Show different colors and patterns in each segment.

- Real time controls

- Chain up to 3 strips together for 49 feet of lights

- App can control multiple kits

- Universal power supply

- Also works with iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone 4

“iGloLEDSet is the most physically engaging lighting technology since the on switch,” said Bruce Seymour managing director of MEA Mobile, “Devices controlling other devices is convergence defined. At MEA Mobile, we are excited to be a part of this eruption which is the mobile device space today.”

“Before today only limited quantities of the iGloLEDset were available. Our production is now in full swing and we anticipate robust holiday sales for Christmas lights applications and more,” said Seymour.

Beginning today, the product is shipping worldwide and is now available through or directly at The company also confirmed availability for a Car Kit which ships with a power inverter to run the iGloLEDset inside a car.

The iGLO LED Set application requires iOS 3.0 or later and is localized in English only.

Download iGLO LED Set for iOS (Free)

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