Professionals Lured to Scams with “Who’s Who” Publication Promises

Some scammers prefer targeted attacks to ones aimed at the masses

Fraudsters don’t always launch operations made in haste that target a wide range of individuals. In some cases, they initiate well-designed targeted attacks aimed only at certain people.

For instance, Bitdefender experts warn that in the past period, a large number of schemes have lured victims by promising them that their biographies will be published in “Who’s Who” publications of “professionals and executives.”

Of course, when you’re targeting professionals, you can’t send out an email full of typos that leads to a webpage where you ask the victim to hand over his/her credit card details.

Instead, victims are approached with a well-written official-looking email that only asks for some basic information.

Only in a later part of the scheme do the crooks start asking for enrollment or subscription fees and more sensitive information such as credit card details.

Experts advise users to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of a service before agreeing to anything. Furthermore, they should check out the legitimacy of an organization by contacting the Better Business Bureau or other similar organizations.

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