Professional Tests Confirm OS X Mountain Lion Battery Drain Issue

Apple support rep tells customer there’s an update on the launch pad

Thorough tests carried out on OS X Mountain Lion using a Retina MacBook Pro have confirmed strange behavior in the battery department, with one Apple representative telling a customer that Cupertino is working on a fix (likely to be delivered via OS X 10.8.1).

Curious to see whether or not the Mountain Lion battery issue was true, Ars Technica carried out a set of tests using a 2012 MacBook Pro and Apple’s new OS X 10.8 to assess what’s going on.

The site’s editors couldn’t put their finger on any particular software components as the culprit.

However, tech writer Chris Foresman claims that, “Unexpected file system or network access, or less efficient use of the GPU, could cause additional power drain without showing significant CPU use.”

Indeed, it has already been reported that OS X Mountain Lion could be suffering from a networking issue.

Apple is known to be preparing for widespread testing of a new version of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.1). The purpose seems to be to address this issue, and several others.

A statement coming from an Apple representative seems to confirm that the main purpose of OS X 10.8.1 is to include a battery drain fix.

A poster on Apple's support forums said that he talked to a representative who told him that a software update would be rolled out via the Mac App Store when testing is over (forum post reproduced below).

Since Apple plans to issue this fix through the Mac App Store, it can only be a system update (OS X 10.8.1).

apple have been in touch with me via email looking into a fix.

they sent me a dat capture app which records background activity that they will use to find the issue.

i can confirm this is definatley a software (OS) issue as the guy that was dealing with me said that an update will be issued via the app store as soon as they can work a fix.

good news. apple are on it... officially!

If history is any indication, we might see OS X 10.8.1 pop up in our software updaters in less than two weeks.

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