Producer Talks “Weird Things” Happening on the Set of “The Bible” Series

Mark Burnett reveals new miniseries was touched by the hand of God from the start

The History Channel struck gold with its new and very bold miniseries, “The Bible,” which premiered last weekend to solid reviews, albeit mixed reactions from the viewers. Now, its producer says that there was something divine about the project from the start.

In an interview cited by Entertainment Weekly, Burnett notes how “strange things” used to happen on the set of the series, things they could not explain but which seemed to be connected to the scenes they were shooting.

A wind started to blow just as the character of Jesus said “The Holy Spirit is like the wind” even though it was a calm night, they lost a part of Jesus’ costume and a boy traveled through the desert to return it, and they found 48 snakes as they were getting ready to shoot the crucifixion scene.

“I really believe what I’m going to tell you right now. The hand of God was on this…. the edit came together perfectly, the actors came together perfectly, it just comes to life,” Burnett says.

“Weird things happened during filming. Everybody would look at each other like, ‘Whoa’,” he adds.

Check out the link in the second paragraph for more details on those strange occurrences that got Burnett to think God approves of his project.

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