Prodigy Cat Parties Hard and Gets into Bar Fights – Video

An alternative cat clip reveals what would happen if you attached a collar camera to a cat

While others settle for catching their kitten on camera as it stretches, asks for food or performs other day-to-day things, while looking cute, TheCube95 uploaded a clip in which a cat appears to go wild.

I shall have to warn you – this is not a cat video. Videomakers pretend to tape a camera to their pet's collar, to supervise what it does all day long.

It appears the kitty has a very busy schedule, robbing people and using the money to party hard. She drinks, does drugs and gets into bar fights.

The video's Prodigy soundtrack makes it even cooler, and you cannot look away as you want to see what it will do next.

*User discretion is advised, as the video contains images which may be offensive.

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