Problems with Dry Hair? Moisturize it the Natural Way

Use natural remedies that will provide your hair with a healthy, shiny look

Most of us have hair problems especially because it gets greasy and laden with dandruff almost immediately after it is washed. The first rule for having a beautiful-looking hair that does not need so frequent washing is to try washing it twice or three times a week and not daily. It is not as hard as it seems, because what we don't know is that the more we wash our hair, the more rapidly it will grow oily.

The oily substance that leads to greasy hair is called sebum and is produced by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles traced in the scalp. We should not think that frequent wash of our hair will remove the sebum, because this is wrong: biologically, sebum has the role of protecting our hair from getting too dry or dehydrated and it also gives the hair's natural shine. When sebum is removed from the hair by washing, the sebaceous glands will produce an excessive amount of sebum in order to make up for the previous loss. That is how our hair is depleted of natural shine and moisture.

Hair care should be done mainly on natural basis, as the cosmetic products mostly over-load it with chemical moisturizers that lead to a greasy hair. Nevertheless, we should be aware of the type of hair we have and use adequate natural remedies for dry, greasy, frizzy hair etc.

Dry hair is usually the hair that has not a sufficient amount of natural moisturizer and oil. This can be caused by over-exposure to the sun without protecting the hair, by excessive washing - especially with harsh chemical substances, excessive use of styling products and hot styling methods (blow drier, heat iron), excessive dying of the hair etc.

The solution rests in natural moisturizers, such as natural oils, and nutritious remedies. The jojoba oil is much recommended for regaining the shine and brightness of your hair, as the molecular structure of this oil is almost similar to the one of sebum, the natural hair moisturizer. It can be used as an overnight as well as a daily treatment for the hair.

Other types of natural oils that provide moisture for your hair are: olive, ylang-ylang, almond, avocado, rosemary essential oil, wheat germ oil, emu oil, shea oil and herbal oils such as: nettle oil, plantain oil, burdock oil etc. These are very efficient, as they provide a wide range of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins vital for the hair and scalp. You can also mix one of these oils with honey and then apply it as a mask for the hair.

You can prepare a very efficient natural tonic for the hair by simply mixing 2 egg yolks and beat the paste until it is foamy. Then massage the entire scalp and hair with it and, when done, rinse it off with warm water. The egg is a very nutritious product, as it is a source of 11 essential nutrients, vitamin A and D. Mayonnaise is also beneficial for dry hair.

Applying tomatoes slices, tomato juice or tomato paste to your hair will enhance the natural PH of the hair due to the vitamin C in these vegetables.

Bananas, coffee and chamomile tea will also help your hair shine the natural way.

Besides these natural remedies, be sure to have a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables that supply our organism with all the nutrients it needs and also try herbal teas that do wonders for our health. And do not forget that hair belongs to the body, just like any other organ, therefore what works for the metabolic system will surely work for our hair, too!


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