Pro-Israel Hacker Disrupts Palestinian Hamas Websites

A number of 4 major websites have been shut down by The Jester

OpIsrael, a campaign launched by hacktivists from all over the world to show support for Palestine, is beginning to fade away. However, during the operation, some pro-Israel hackers have initiated a counteroffensive.

On Monday, an Israeli hacker known as Yourikan leaked the credit card details of several Palestinian users after allegedly breaching the systems of Palnet, one of Palestine’s largest ISPs.

“Say no to Palestine! Say no to terror!” the hacker said after the attack.

His views are shared by the famous hacker known as The Jester (th3j35t5r), who has been busy over the past few days disrupting Palestinian websites owned or operated by Hamas, an Islamic resistance movement catalogued by many countries as being a terrorist organization.

The Jester has taken down a forum belonging to Hamas – – that’s allegedly utilized “for radicalizing fighting-age male Palestinians.” He also disrupted, a site utilized by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade “to spread propaganda and lies.”

Other targets are, which the hacker describes as being a “HAMAS run TV channel used for spreading propaganda and images of bodies being dragged through streets,” and

All the aforementioned sites are currently down and have been in this state for the past couple of days or so.

The Jester has told Softpedia that the attacks launched by Anonymous demonstrate one of his theories, according to which, some members of the movement support terrorists or, as he puts it, “the terror element.”

He has also emphasized the fact that unlike Anonymous, which has attacked all .il sites, regardless of the fact that many of them are owned by regular individuals and small businesses, his targets are only ones owned by Hamas, not “just any” Palestinian website.

“I hit recognized terror groups sites whom exacerbate the conflict,” he explained.

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