Pro-Aqua Prevents Allergies, Because "Wet Dust Can't Fly!"

No word on pricing and availability

It's summer, there's dust everywhere and sometimes the environment becomes hell for those who suffer from allergies. I guess wearing a mask could be the best solution, but, since you don't want to scare your kids, the only thing you can do would be to invest some of your savings in this "Pro-Aqua" air-cleaning system, which sounds like a combination of aquatic device and professional cleaning, which - to me at least - sounds pretty refreshing.

Just as the company says, "wet dust can't fly", so wet vacuuming is ideal to be performed in areas where kids sleep or play. The best news is for the asthma suffers that are also going to benefit from the system. Pro-Aqua "washes the air", so it also kills all sorts of bacteria in the air.

Regarding the system's kit, it comes with specially developed spray/extraction tools that help the owner achieve a "high level of cleaning", by spraying the detergent onto the upholstery or carpeting under pressure and binding it with the dirt, thereby dissolving and removing even the most stubborn spots and persistent stains.

Other technical details include an auxiliary canister. But there is also a switchable floor nozzle for smooth floors, walls and ceilings, a hand turbo-nozzle for the car seats and a squeegee. So, ladies, I'll say this looks like a man's device, don't you agree?

If it cleans? Sure thing, after all, it is an advanced vacuum cleaner, especially designed to keep the germs away from you and your loved ones. Besides that, the integrated indoor system improves air and climate quality through wet and dry cleaning mechanisms, including "wet vacuuming, air washing and scenting, inhalation, bed and mattress cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and vacuuming." All the germaphobes out there are finally getting their dream cleaning tool.

As for the mechanism's design, it looks like a beheaded robot, which is not necessarily bad, but rather ugly. The pricing and availability details are unknown, for the time being.


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