Prisoner Tries to Escape, Gets Lodged in Wall – Photo

A Brazilian inmate botches an escape attempt, gets his cellmates in trouble

One inmate in a Brazilian jail really doesn't like to plan ahead. He just lets loose and lets life take him where it wants to take him.

However, nobody will be taking him out of prison anytime soon. Guards in the Ceres facility, near Goiania, just found him lodged in a wall one day, after a hilarious fail, The Telegraph reports.

It appears tall and slightly overweight Rafael Valadão, pictured above, needs help getting unstuck. He tried to break out of jail, following four other convicts.

He almost ruined the others' plans too, as they had to stay behind and help him. In fact, just one made it out of the facility, until the guards came.

“The other prisoners tried to push him but he stayed stuck in the wall. He started screaming in pain, and that was when the prison guards were alerted,” fireman Lieutenant Tiago Costa says.

Valadão's cellmates found a way to break through the wall with a metal shower pipe, but didn't take his size into consideration. However alarming the escape of the other inmates, guards must have had a field day watching him dangling from that wall.

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