Prince Harry Has Secretly Proposed to Cressida Bonas

The British royal has already started the “royal marriage protocols”

Prince Harry is finally following into his brother's footsteps and renouncing his bachelor ways in favor of a married life. Numerous sources from within the Buckingham Palace are claiming that the younger Prince has already started the process by which he will request his grandmother's permission to get married.

Love is already far along, as Harry has already begun “ticking marriage boxes” in order to get the final approval on his engagement to Cressida Bonas. Apparently, it's not as easy to get married when you're in a royal family as it is for the rest of us, common folk.

If you thought that proposing to a girl and then asking her parents for permission was nerve-wrecking, than thank your lucky stars you're not a royal. The “royal marriage protocols” apparently involve “asking his grandmother's permission,” as an insider with the royal family says.

“Palace sources say there’s not been a formal request made to her majesty yet, but the fact we’re hearing about it means it’s likely he’s already popped the question and they’re waiting until all the boxes are ticked before formally announcing it,” claims a report by OK Magazine.

It's no longer a secret that Harry has had his eyes set on Cressida Bonas, a 24-year-old blond, who is a member of the Curzon family, a British name with aristocratic heritage. She and Harry have met through his cousin, Princess Eugenie, and have sparked a love story which now seems to be headed at the altar.

And according to the same insiders in the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth is eager to see her grandchild finally settled down. Not only that, but she seems to think that the young Cressida is a perfect match for her grandson, and she is expected to give her blessing in the matter.

Despite the current love story, Harry the Prince is known for his party-loving ways, as well as his many alleged affairs with women wherever he traveled in the world. But finally, he has found a woman to tie him down and that woman looks to be Cressida.

“They’ve got a brilliant connection and she totally gets him,” the same insider claims, “She’s so relaxed and laid-back; the opposite of his ex, Chelsy Davy, a high-maintenance nightmare. Harry’s completely smitten.”

The decision to tie the proverbial knot is claimed to have come from seeing his brother's marital bliss. Older Prince William has been happily married to Kate Middleton since 2011, and the couple now have a young son together, Prince George.

And as far as the marriage ceremony goes, don't go hoping for another all-out bash like the 2011 event, as Harry's nuptials are said to be planned as more low-key.

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