Prince George to Be Featured on New Zealand Stamps and Coins

The young royal's face is going to be etched on commemorative stamps and coins

Prince George, the newest addition to the British Royal family, is currently very busy doing a press run, despite the fact that he's still too young to walk or talk. He joined his mother and father, Kate Middleton and Prince William, for an official visit to New Zealand, and the little tike has been making quite the impression.

After his first official play date made headline news all over the world, today it's being announced that the lovable Prince is going to have his face etched onto a set of commemorative coins and stamps in New Zealand to will mark this joyous occasion.

The news comes via the New Zealand Post, which made it official: “New Zealand Post is eager to welcome the young couple and commemorate this occasion with a special stamp issue for their April tour. New Zealanders are excited for the arrival of the young royals, with over half of New Zealand having tuned in to their wedding in 2011.”

One of the stamps is going to feature a photo taken of the Prince by his dotting grandfather, Michael Middleton. The Post is also releasing another stamp along with a coin to celebrate George's first visit to New Zealand.

It seems that, these days, everything related to Prince George is hot news. Even the dungarees the Prince wore on his first official engagement are, at the moment, best sellers. It seems that women went crazy for the smocked navy blue garment that features a sail boat print and that costs seventy five pounds from Rachel Riley's luxury brand for children.

Femalefirst reports that the website has already sold out its stocks of the model for sizes ranging between six and twelve months. Eager mothers can still purchase remaining pairs in sizes eighteen months and two years.

It seems that, although he's merely an infant, Prince George is already quite the style icon, which can't be said about his mother, who is still being plagued by wardrobe malfunctions. The last one happened right at the moment she was getting off the plane in New Zealand.

A rebel gust of wind blew up her skirt and since the photographers were snapping away like crazy, the world got to see just a bit more of the royal legs than Kate and William had intended. The image was reminiscent of Kate's other fashion mishap when another gust of wind exposed her backside in all its glory.

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