Prince Charles and Prince William Want Illegal Wildlife Trade Put an End to Immediately

The two demand that measures to end such practices be taken as soon as possible

On May 21, Prince Charles hosted a conference whose purpose was that of pointing out the risks associated with the practice of illegally trading wildlife and several animal body parts.

While attending this conference, His Royal Highness made a case of how such activities threaten not just global biodiversity, but also national and international security.

It is Prince Charles' hope that high officials worldwide will agree to take action against such trading activities as soon as possible, and that this will translate into several species' being rescued from extinction.

“It is particularly important at this crucial time to recognize that illegal trade in wildlife is a serious crime that is not only decimating critically endangered species, but is also a pervasive instrument in destabilizing economic and political security.”

“Finding a solution will require people from many different sectors to work together,” Prince Charles reportedly said.

Prince William seems to share his father's opinions on the matter at hand, hence his making the following statements:

“We all know how devastating the illegal wildlife trade is on populations of endangered species – we have heard the statistics. My fear is that one of two things will stop the illegal trade: either we take action to stem the trade; or we will run out of the animals. There is no other outcome possible.”

The conference was hosted at St. James Palace in London.

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