Priest's Phone Plays Epic Prodigy Ringtone During Mass – Video

A love for techno music made this priest an Internet sensation

A Greek Orthodox Priest was caught on camera officiating mass, and failing to turn his phone off or at least put it on vibrate beforehand. 

If the mere lack of consideration for his parishioners is not enough to get our attention, the priest's epic Prodigy ringtone is.

“Smack my priest up,” uploaded on YouTube by user Dabat, has already amassed 300,000 views in just one day, most likely for its understated brilliance.

It must have been captured in one of those perfect moments, when you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, with your phone camera on.

Those who believe in the priest's honesty and forgetfulness have proclaimed the call a sign from God, but there are others, less lenient, who condemn him, fearing the Devil was calling.

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