Prices Found for Intel Xeon E5-4600 Chips

The final piece of relevant information is now out in the open

CPU World has provided the prices for the Xeon E5-4600 microprocessors, the batch of new Intel server chips that will appear at some point between this month (April) and June (2012).

We've already pretty much reported on all the relevant specifications of the series, right here.

What we are now looking at is the confirmation that, yes, these processors really will cost a lot.

Then again, server units usually do have higher prices than consumer models, since they have overall higher specs, among other things.

As one can see in the table above, the price tags range from $551 to $3,616.

That's 420 to 2755 Euro, give or take. This is what exchange rates say anyway.

The cheapest of the lot is Xeon E5-4603, while the most expensive are Xeon E5-4650 and Xeon E5-4650L.

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