Price Is Right Model Brandi Cochran Gets $7 Million (€5.4 Million) in Pregnancy Lawsuit

Jury sides with former model, awards her a fortune in damages

Yesterday, former The Price Is Right model Brandi Cochran made international headlines when a judge awarded her some compensation for being fired from the show for getting pregnant. She’s just been awarded even more money.

Cochran took the producers of the popular show to court on the claims that they fired and humiliated her publicly on various occasions after she fell pregnant for the second time.

The first time she was so afraid she might lose her job if word got out that she actually miscarried because of the stress, she said in court documents.

A judge ruled that she was to receive $775,000 (€606,938) in damages. TMZ is now reporting that she will actually get ten times that amount from the producers.

“The jury that found a former Price Is Right model was fired because she got knocked up just gave the beauty a huge parting gift... $7 million [€5.4 million] in punitive damages,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

TMZ is the same media outlet that said, upon hearing of the first ruling, that Cochran was actually likely to get more money than that and, as it turns out, it was right.

“Brandi Cochran sued the show for allegedly harassing her and ultimately giving her the boot when she got pregnant. She claimed she was called names including ‘wide load’,” TMZ says.

“Earlier this week the jury awarded Brandi $775,000 [€606,938] in damages, but then heard testimony about possible punitive damages, which serve as punishment for intentional wrongdoing,” the e-zine further writes.

As we also informed you yesterday, Cochran painted a very unflattering picture of her former employers, describing in detail how she was tormented at work both times she fell pregnant.

After miscarrying and telling her bosses about it, one producer told her that this was “nature’s way of getting rid of a bad baby.”

When she became pregnant the second time, she was constantly humiliated at work for her blossoming figure and eventually pushed out of her job when she had to go on medical leave because of complications with the pregnancy.

A spokesperson for The Price Is Right is yet to address the ruling publicly.

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