Prey 2 Developer Wants Fans to Ask Bethesda About Game Launch

The game was delayed in order to facilitate Dishonored launch

Prey 2 might be in development limbo at the moment but the team working on the game says that all information about the future of the title needs to come from publisher Bethesda.

Nathan Cheever, who is a designer working at Human Head Studios, says that he is under contract and cannot legally reveal the status of the game and when it might be released.

Nonetheless he has hinted that Prey 2 was pushed back by Bethesda in order to avoid a launch and sales period clash with the Arkane Studios made Dishonored.

The Official Xbox Magazine is quoting the developer as saying via Twitter that, “I agree! It’d be great to get some good news soon :)”

He adds, “It’s up to Bethesda to decide what to do with it. The best you can do is ask them what they’re thinking, like Peter Hines.”

Cheever says that Prey 2 was announced before Dishonored and was farther along in its development cycle in early 2012, but Bethesda made the decision to push it back.

The developer also suggested that even with the delay, the Humad Head team has not thought about moving Prey 2 to the next generation of home consoles.

Earlier during 2012 Bethesda announced that it was indefinitely delaying Prey 2 in order to increase the level of quality of the game and since then, rumors have popped up that the game was actually canceled, although they were all debunked by the publisher.

The new Prey video games will see a tonal shift when compared to the original, with the player taking on the role of an inter planetary bounty hunter who needs to visit a number of locations while tracking down suspected criminals.

The entire structure of the game is create around a mission hub and players will enjoy a world that’s inspired in part by Blade Runner.

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