Presumed Dead HP Slate Reincarnates as HP Slate 500

Detailed on the company's own website

The history of the media tablet market is a relatively short one, since the segment itself only consolidated upon the launch of the Apple iPad. Still, immediately afterwards, most makers of computers announced their intention to join the competition. HP was among the first to make such a claim, and the HP Slate even looked promising on video. Still, sometime later, it was reportedly canceled. Now, even with a webOS tablet inbound, the original slate appears to have been resurrected and its name changed to HP Slate 500.

The HP Slate 500 will have a diagonal of 8.9 inches and shall integrate a camera used to take still pictures, as well as a video camera, among other things. The latter can be taken advantage of especially well in case one wishes to engage in videoconferencing. The insides aren't exactly elaborated upon, however, which means there is no way of knowing what CPU is at the heart of the tablet, or how much RAM is available. Still, considering that Windows is HP's OS of choice for this device, it can be assumed that said CPU is of the x86 variation and not ARM.

To be more specific, the HP Slate 500 will run a special version of the Windows 7 Premium OS. No details are given on how exactly this software differs from the one Microsoft developed. Other known features include the obvious touch input and stylus support, the latter of which is not available on the Apple iPad.

“The unique design and 22.6 cm (8.9") screen put the full Internet in your hands, while two cameras (video and still) let you capture life as it happens or participate in web conferencing. Adjust the screen orientation to fit your content and use the pen to write or draw as if on a piece of paper. Whatever you want to do, the HP Slate 500 helps you do it – and makes it more fun too,” states the official website.

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