Presidential Election Results: Obama Wins in Hart’s Location

America’s tiny towns have already had their say, results are public

Two of America’s smallest towns have already voted in the Presidential Elections and made the results public. One is Hart’s Location, the other Dixville Notch, both from New Hampshire.

As the nation is rushing to vote for either Obama or Mitt Romney as President, the residents of the two towns quietly gathered to cast their votes at precisely midnight.

By 12.05, they were already done in Hart’s Location, as an announcement on the official site reads. Hart’s Location boasts of being the first to announce the winner in elections every 4 years.

“New Hampshire's smallest Town and First in the Nation every four years!” it reads.

With a population of 41 (according to the 2010 census), Hart’s Location named Obama the undisputed winner in the Presidential Elections.

The president and Joe Biden, running for Vice President, got 23 votes, while Romney and fellow Republican Paul Ryan only 9. Quite a difference, if we may say so.

Gary Johnson and James Gray got one vote, while Virgil Goode and James Clymer none.

Things weren’t as clear in the other New Hampshire town, Dixville Notch, MSN reports.

“Poll results from Dixville Notch, N.H., have declared that the winner of this year's presidential election is ... indecisiveness,” MSN writes.

“The town's residents traditionally vote at midnight, casting some of the first ballots in a presidential election, and they almost always favor the winning candidate,” the same media outlet points out.

“But anyone looking to Dixville Notch for a prediction of this year's victor will be disappointed: The town's 10 registered voters split their votes evenly between President Obama and Mitt Romney, awarding them five apiece,” MSN adds.

Perhaps, these elections, Americans can only use the results in Hart’s Location as the closest thing to a prediction, now that Dixville couldn’t come up with a satisfactory one.

Until the official results are made public, as Katy Perry said on her Twitter a few hours back, “happy voting day!”

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