Presidential Debates Avoid Climate Change Talks

Global warming and its related issued never get mentioned, despite growing public concerns

This year’s presidential debates in the US have simply failed to mention climate change and global warming, despite numerous studies that lead to growing concerns about how these ongoing phenomena will impact on the country's energy industry and agriculture.

Interestingly enough, said environmental issues were part and parcel of all the other presidential debates that took place in this part of the world throughout the past quarter of a decade.

For this reason, Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's decision to not mention the topic caused quite a media stir.

Thus, quite a lot of American citizens are taken aback by the fact that all three of the presidential debates, together with the vice-presidential one, have ignored the subject altogether.

Interestingly, their avoidance of the subject comes shortly after, during their candidature acceptance speeches, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tackled the future of this country's energy industry, which happens to be very much intertwined with the effects of climate change and global warming.

For the time being, both researchers and the general public are baffled by the idea that, despite droughts, wildfires and floods, which can all be linked to the aforementioned changes in environmental conditions, the two presidential candidates have failed to state loud and clear what they plan to do in order to deal with these threats to public safety and economic stability.

In an attempt to get these two politicians to break the silence on this topic, a website is now asking people to sign a petition and demand that both these two public figures reveal their thoughts on the links between burning fossil fuels and global warming.

“National elections should be a time when our nation considers the great challenges and opportunities the next President will face. But the climate conversation of 2012 has been defined by a deafening silence,” Climate Silence reads.

Furthermore, “The candidate who speaks out on climate change will reap the political rewards of brave and forthright leadership.”

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